Welcome to Italianfigtrees.com!

We really like fig trees. Growing fig trees, selling fig trees, talking about fig trees and eating the figs we’ve grown ourselves.


For over 25 years, we’ve been doing something a little unusual: growing Mediterranean figs in northwestern NJ (Zone 5-6).
It was only natural that we’d start selling them to other like-minded individuals.

As it turns out, there’s a strong connection between fig trees and people who grew up in or near the Italian communities of the NY/NJ tri-state area. Many of our customers share stories about their fathers and grandfathers wrapping or burying the family tree for the winter ahead, and they have fond childhood memories of eating a fig straight from the tree.

We’ve dedicated a quarter of a century to sharing the pleasure of fruit grown in the summer sun, harvested minutes before eating, by you.

A New Crop of Growers

Lately, thanks to the writing of people like Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver, more and more people have gotten involved in raising their own food. Figs are relatively easy to grow, taste great fresh from the tree, and also can be preserved in a number of ways, to enjoy all year long. We think you’ll agree that the taste of a fig that was just picked is so much better than the taste of a fig that’s been transported for hundreds (or even thousands) of miles!

Give Them a Tree

Stuck for something to give someone with a green thumb? Fig trees make great gifts for your favorite gardener or kitchen gardener, and can live for decades, with proper care.

Talk to Us

For directions, prices, & hours, call: (908) 832-7770. We’re in Hunterdon County, and yes, it’s easy to get lost out here.

(We don’t sell trees online. If you want one, you have to come and see us (call for directions). If you’re not in the NJ area, you are welcome to browse the site and email us your fig tree questions. Eventually, we’d like to be able to take more of your questions and turn them into new FAQs . We’ll be posting photos throughout the season, and we’ll be posting our photos of how we wrap our in-ground trees for winter. So please come back often.)

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